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Welcome to the Premium Links Page! We post About 15,000 links daily. Included in that is 1000 each of Energy Potions, Grape Juice and Spaghetti. 300 each of Alchemist Powder, Aquamarine, Beeswax, Berries, Butter, Carrots, Chili Peppers, Coal, Cocoa, Cotton, Crystal Shards, Eggs, Flax, Flax Oil, Gold Bricks, Honey, Ice Chunks, Iron Ore, Pails of Water, Milk Bottles, Ogre's Belch, Purity Talisman, Rainbow Feathers, Sand, Silver Ore, Stone Blocks, Sugar Cane, Tomato's, Wheat, Wolf Hair, Wood Planks, Wool, and Yellow Feathers. On a rotating basis, items like Bubbly Grog, Wool Cloth, Wood Clubs, Grapes, etc are also posted.

Castleville Premium Links

When A new quest is released the amounts are adjusted according to your needs to pass the quest quicker. You can enjoy collecting tons of links every day. With a limited amount of members, links are always there for your enjoyment.

Access to the premium site is subscription Based at $5.00 USD per month, on the basis that you have 24/7 access to the links, and No refunds are given if zynga stops the link making process.

If you want to sign up and be a premium member, click here Castleville Premium Links  Once we receive the payment, we will send you an invite to view the premium site. You will need to watch your email, and click the link inside, prompting you to make a word press account in order to log into the premium site. That's it, then you can come and collect.

Please be advised that no refunds will be given if Zynga shuts down the link making progress, since your donation is for access to this site, and not buying the links themselves. 

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